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Why Real Estate

Performance and Diversification

Real Estate
S&P 500
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Disclosure: Real estate return data is from FTSE NAREIT US Real Estate Index Series (All REITs), and the S&P 500 data is from Yahoo Finance. Real estate return data should not be used to estimate returns of Sphere investments. The FTSE NAREIT All REITs index includes all publicly traded REITs; however, all Sphere investments are private. The performance of individual Sphere investments may vary significantly from the performance of publicly traded REITs.

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How does Sphere Realty Capital work?
Sphere Realty Capital is an online marketplace for commercial real estate for accredited investors, institutional investors and real estate companies. Accredited Members can invest in real estate investments online through a simple and secure website by creating an account, selecting an investment, signing legal documents and funding their investment. Institutional investors can view single asset or portfolio joint venture opportunities as well as longer term strategic opportunities. Real Estate Companies can raise equity from either accredited or institutional investors by filling out an online application, creating an account and submitting opportunities to Sphere for review.
Is the Sphere Realty Capital website secure?
Yes, the security of all of our members and their information is of paramount importance. Sphererealtycapital.com utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”), which is the industry standard for internet security technology. SSL is used by millions of websites for the protection of their users.
Are there fees to sign-up?
There are no fees to create an account or view available opportunities or properties for sale. Investments in private placements on the Sphere Website are be subject to fees and the member should review the private placement memorandum, subscription agreement and operating company agreement, as applicable, for additional information.
If I sign-up with Sphere, is there an obligation for me to invest?
No. There is never any obligation for any Sphere member to invest in any Sphere offering.

Sphere Conducts Comprehensive, Instiutional Quality Underwriting

Sponsorship Background Checks Bad Actor Checks Track Record Local Market Knowledge
Financial Review Historical Financials Pro Forma Financial Analysis Scenario Analysis Comparables
Market Analysis Competition Supply/Demand New Development Demographics
Third Parties Legal Environmental Title Appraisal

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Sphere Realty Capital is an innovative online platform that re-imagines the interactions between investors and real estate companies to create a more efficient market for all participants. Sphere’s management team has spent decades in the real estate sector and has participated in over $20 billion of public and private capital raises for real estate companies. Sphere has harnessed their collective experiences to create the Sphere Platform.

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