Sphere’s real estate brokerage service allows its members to buy or sell commercial real estate through the Platform. Sphere’s members include real estate companies with footprints across the entire U.S. Additionally, the senior management of Sphere has extensive relationships with real estate companies and institutional investors from decades of experience in the industry.

Sphere offers two potential sales processes through the Sphere Platform:

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Closed Process: This more traditional brokerage approach involves a sale process conducted on an invitation only basis, so only the approved list of potential bidders will be allowed access to the process.

Open Process: This process is the same as the traditional brokerage approach in which a targeted group of potential buyers is actively marketed; however, in addition, the process is open for all Sphere members to view and potentially participate. This process has the added benefit of allowing potential accredited investors and institutional investors to submit expressions of interest to invest in the property. These expressions of interest may enhance the buyer’s access to acquisition financing.

Sphere reviews potential brokerage assignments on a case by case basis. Please submit your property for review through your Sphere dashboard.

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