Individual Investors

Access Real Estate Investments

Historically, only those with close relationships to real estate companies had access to private real estate investment opportunities. Sphere’s team sources these opportunities and takes great care to diligence these opportunities before making them accessible to our Members. Individual investors can review these opportunities and the sponsoring real estate company’s information to choose the investments that are best for them.

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Transparency and Alignment of Interests

Sphere dedicates itself to creating a transparent, efficient market to real estate investment. We provide comprehensive disclosure of all fees and expenses related to an offering, which is available to Members in the applicable offering materials. Sphere values alignment of interests and members of Sphere’s Management team will seek to invest in Sphere’s pooled investments.

  • No hidden fees
  • No undisclosed compensation
  • No profit participation with the sponsor

Engage in the Commercial Real Estate Buying / Selling Process

Sphere provides both accredited and institutional investors the opportunity to “Express Interest to Invest” on select commercial real estate properties listed for sale. If the opportunity arises to invest in that property through an accredited investor offering on the Sphere Platform then those individuals making an expression of interest will receive priority access in the event they choose to participate in that investment and that offering is oversubscribed. The Sphere platform also provides Real Estate Companies, Institutions, and Accredited Investors a forum to sell real estate holdings on the Sphere Platform.

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