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Access to Experienced Real Estate Owners and Operators

Sphere provides institutional investors a forum to engage with professional real estate operators and evaluate potential investment opportunities. Sphere reviews both the opportunity and the real estate company, and typically acts as the real estate company’s advisor.

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Sphere caters to all types of institutional investors. For firms with significant assets under management and vast real estate operator relationships, Sphere provides an ideal solution to buy and sell properties and to source new opportunities. For institutional investors, Sphere provides access to the accredited investor private placements and access to opportunities from regional and local real estate operators.

  • Single property joint ventures
  • Portfolio joint ventures
  • Recapitalizations
  • Programmatic relationships
  • Entity level investments
  • Commercial brokerage
  • Variety of opportunities

Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate

Institutional investors on the Sphere platform can participate directly in the buying and selling of commercial real estate by submitting bids or selling owned properties. Additionally, for select property listings, institutional investors will have the ability to “Express Interest to Invest.” This is an expression of interest to partner with the ultimate buyer of the property. This expression of interest will be recorded by Sphere, and if there is an opportunity then Sphere, at its sole discretion, may be able to make an introduction to the Buyer to discuss partnering on that investment.

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