Sphere provides real estate companies a comprehensive financing solution through access to both accredited and institutional investors. Sphere’s simplified structure allows real estate companies to access capital from accredited investors while Sphere manages the ongoing reporting and asset management responsibilities for the investors. This leaves the real estate company to focus on managing the property and maximizing value. Further, Sphere’s management team has spent decades in the industry and has developed an extensive network of institutional investors. Sphere can advise real estate companies on a variety of capital raises from institutional investors.

The Sphere platform includes commercial real estate brokerage and, in certain situations, Sphere may be able to provide additional sources of financing for the buyer either through an accredited investor offering or an institutional investor relationship. This additional transaction support potentially benefits the seller by providing more financing options to the buyer, which improves the buyer’s access to capital.


Sphere's Efficient Structure

  • Sphere manages accredited investor relationships and all accounting and asset management
  • Sponsors work directly with Sphere rather than many small accredited investors

Institutional Investors

Joint Ventures, Recapitalizations, Programatic Relationships, Entity Level Investments

  • Private equity
  • Investment managers
  • Pension funds
  • Family offices
  • International investors

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